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Site Last Updated Today: June 26, 2019
After Alysa and Rita got back home from their belly dancing lessons, they decided to put on a show for each other since they were still wearing their sexy costumes. After a few twirls of the hips and ass, Alysa got really wet and horny. Rita took notice and decided to do something about that. She sensually stripped off her clothes and Alysa's and proceeded to lick her all over her tits, pussy, and ass!
Mike's an assitant coach for the female basketball team and he has the coaches ear and all the players know this. One such player is a super athletic hottie named Kyle. She and another girl on the team have been fighting for the same position so she decided to try to get ahead by getting in some personal time with Mike!
Pamela and Jane where showing off their sexy underware to each other and things quickly took a turn for the better. Pamela's body is so banging that Jane couldn't resist getting her completely naked so that she can see that sweet ass. After she got Pam into her birthday suit, she spread her legs and had a blast licking from one crack to another!
Kayla and Dani had to do some work after their class so they decided to hang out at Kayla's place. After getting bored of doing school work, and since no one else was around, they decided to enjoy each others company on a hire level. Kayla decides to lick and finger fuck Dani's ass in a 69 position so she can have her vagina licked at the same time!
Get ready for a HOT addition to TushyLickers.com, literally because their in the hot sun on the beach! Even in these extreme conditions, Gloria and Lillian still can't keep their hands and mouths off each other. To them, the sweat glistening off their bodies, make each other taste all the more better. They get naked, they got hot, and then Gloria gets busy with Lillians sweet ass!
When Erin started dating Ginny, they came together to form one hot interracial couple. It's hard to say who has the nicer booty. They both have such round and plump asses. Maybe you can decide. Watch as they both strip down to nothing to expose their hot rumps. They kiss, caress, and then Ginny goes to town on Erin's fine ass!

Katrina and Adesina are two hot strippers that live together. These two slutty beauties were trying on new sexy outfits for each other, and after getting naked several times in front of each other, they decided their birthday suits where the hottest outfits off all. Katrina guided Adesina to the couch and proceeded to give her a very sensual ass licking!
Bonus Update
Bess was relaxing in bed, watching TV and eating pistachios when her anal retentive roommate, Carmen walked in. Carmen had gotten fed up with Bess always leaving a mess around so she wanted to kick her out of her house. But Bess begged to stay, saying she'd do anything... Carmen thought she should teach her a lesson. She pulls out her strapon dildo and tries to make Bess a little more anal retentive by pounding it up her asshole!
Nicole and Bridget recently moved in together. They were both hanging out enjoying a nice relaxing Saturday off from work. Nichole thought it would be a great idea if the two girls got to "know" each other a little better, but more specifically, Bridget's asshole! Nichole quickly stripped off Bridget's clothing exposing her beautiful round ass. She then bent her over and gave her ass a very erotic ass licking!
Fanny and Carmel heat up the screen with this hot interracial edition of tushy licking. Fanny wanted her ass licked and Carmel aways had a fetish for the fine taste of a beautiful ass and vagina. Fanny bends over, spreads her legs, and hits all sorts of contorted positions so she can feel Carmel's tongue in her asshole from every angle!
Mandy and Shawna were celebrating their one month anniversary together. Mandy gave Shawna a fancy bracelet, and told her that she didn't want her to buy her anything. What she wanted wasn't something that could be bought, but something that Shawna can do for her. After dinner, Mandy told her what it was - an ass licking. Shawna was suprised but excited at the same time; she was secretly an ass licking fan also. So Shawn spread Mandy's ass cheeks and gave her the best present ever!
Tiffany and her new gf Tara were snuggling next to the fire. After awhile they started getting really hot and decided to get naked. They started kissing heavily and gently stripped off each other's clothing. Tara started kissing on Tiffany's sexy body, and eventually ended up eating her delicious pussy. Tara rolled Tiff over into a 69 position and started licking her ass!








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